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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 PLGNA Annual Meeting Feedback

PLGNA Annual Meeting: Personal Reflection: Earnest J. Stewart Community Person WSNGBA

What was my very first PLGNA meeting, I was very impressed with the communication amongst the various organizations. I was amazed to know that many citizens have been residents of this district, for as long as 60+ yrs. I’m especially impressed with Rodne Alteon President of WSNGBA. A young black man who is committed to forming unison, in the anticipation of revitalizing and plugging new, young energy into the community and our neighboring organizations. It is pleasing to know that one of our young people has the confidence and strength to face such hardship with an open ear and an open heart. The consensus of other block clubs forming stronger community bonds was an idea that I had been contemplating. To actually be in the midst of that discussion made me realize that it is possible to in effect, make change and affirm our changing. I would like the opportunity to attend all other block club gatherings. In the spirit of communication and revolution, we now, together, need move forward.

Pierre Gedeon (Youth Outreach Coordinator WSNGBA) Reflection from PLGNA Annual Meeting

For the first time out of all the meetings that I have been too in the past in our Brooklyn community have I seen such a powerful group of people. The PLGNA meeting showed me how if everyone gets together and put all of their problems in one bowl then a solution can be made. This meeting showed me how the people can change their community when they come together.

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