Thursday, March 4, 2010

October 20th, 2009-Senator Adams Anti-Violence Forum

Reflection from senators meeting by Pierre Gedeon-Youth Outreach Coordinator WSNGBA

The meeting motivated the people who attended it in ways beyond their understanding. During the meeting we shouted and argued amongst each other in terms of what we should do for our communities kids by trying to focus on who needs help the most. The meeting came to a halt where we came up with big ideas that are not finalized yet in what we should do as a group. This is an ongoing process where we will have a few more meetings to come up with a sufficient plan to execute. I am thinking we should try to get all our block associations within PLG and PLGNA to participate.

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Personal Reflection: Earnest J. (Community Person @ WSNGBA)

What startled me the most was the attendance. I wasn’t expecting such a large turn out. But on the downside, there weren’t enough young men and women present. Although as a community, the older folks present at the meeting voiced their opinions, and concerns, the majority of the topics discussed involved the young men and women of the area. Guns, drugs and gangs were the focal points of discussion and our young people are victimized daily in relation to said topics. Feelings were placed on the forefront, but solutions were absent. Concerns were presented but clarity lacked as to how exactly we could combat the ills of the neighborhood. The forum was a start and I would like to thank Senator Adams for the opportunity to vent. Also, it was a blessing to see as a community, we can join together as strangers in common place, to tackle the evils and degradation of our neighborhood. Once consistency is established through our various organizations, our community will be more effective at communicating. Communication is the fundamental principle of any successful non-violence, higher living, and learning movement.

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