Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sustainable Flatbush will host a Neighborhood Energy Forum on March 20th!


Contact: Jocelyn Cohen (Director, Sustainable Flatbush Energy Solutions Initiative) or Anne Pope (Founder/Director, Sustainable Flatbush) (718) 208-0575

Energy Efficiency and Affordability Where We Live:
Sustainable Flatbush Organizes Neighborhood Energy Forum to Support Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects

Flatbush, Brooklyn — Sustainable Flatbush and its partners will host a Neighborhood Energy Forum on Saturday, March 20, 2010, at the Brooklyn College Student Center, 9:30 am to 2 pm. At this event homeowners, tenant organizations, landlords, and building managers will learn what they need to get started with major energy efficiency projects — from energy audits to weatherization to solar-electric, for both large multi-family buildings and 1-4 family homes. The Neighborhood Energy Forum promises to give you the information you need to navigate the maze of programs and take the first steps toward making your project a reality.

In 2008, Municipal Arts Society and Flatbush Development Corporation published their Imagine Flatbush 2030 report, which identified the lack of energy efficient buildings as one of the neighborhood's greatest challenges. "Inefficiency drives up energy costs, contributes to air pollution (almost 80% of New York City's greenhouse gas emissions are produced by buildings), and hurts everybody, especially low-income people. That is why Sustainable Flatbush is organizing this event, to help residential building stakeholders raise the money they need for major energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects, and for neighbors to share resources and best practices." — Anne Pope, Executive Director, Sustainable Flatbush.

At the Neighborhood Energy Forum, participants will hear from the experts about what to do, step-by-step, and an Energy Fair will feature contractors who specialize in this kind of work. Event partners to date include National Grid, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), ConEd, and Flatbush Development Corporation.

For more information about attending the Neighborhood Energy Forum, visit:

Sustainable Flatbush brings neighbors together to mobilize, educate, and advocate for sustainable living in our Brooklyn neighborhood and beyond.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association Housing Committee Community Forum on Affordable Housing in PLG Saturday, March 13th, 4-6pm!!!

Some Place Like Home
A Community Forum On Affordable Housing in Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Saturday March 13th, 4-6pm
Church of the Evangel Fellowship Hall (Enter at the corner of Bedford
Avenue and Hawthorne Street)

Join us for the neighborhood premier of Some Place Like Home, a film
profiling the Brooklyn Organization Families United for Racial and Economic
Equality with special guest speaker Wanda Imasuen, a lead organizer for
FUREE. Speak out on housing needs in our neighborhood! What can we do to
achieve housing security for long-term tenants and other residents? This
discussion about housing issues in PLG is a step toward a broader organizing

Sponsored by Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association Housing
Committee. For further information please contact us at:

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 PLGNA Annual Meeting Feedback

PLGNA Annual Meeting: Personal Reflection: Earnest J. Stewart Community Person WSNGBA

What was my very first PLGNA meeting, I was very impressed with the communication amongst the various organizations. I was amazed to know that many citizens have been residents of this district, for as long as 60+ yrs. I’m especially impressed with Rodne Alteon President of WSNGBA. A young black man who is committed to forming unison, in the anticipation of revitalizing and plugging new, young energy into the community and our neighboring organizations. It is pleasing to know that one of our young people has the confidence and strength to face such hardship with an open ear and an open heart. The consensus of other block clubs forming stronger community bonds was an idea that I had been contemplating. To actually be in the midst of that discussion made me realize that it is possible to in effect, make change and affirm our changing. I would like the opportunity to attend all other block club gatherings. In the spirit of communication and revolution, we now, together, need move forward.

Pierre Gedeon (Youth Outreach Coordinator WSNGBA) Reflection from PLGNA Annual Meeting

For the first time out of all the meetings that I have been too in the past in our Brooklyn community have I seen such a powerful group of people. The PLGNA meeting showed me how if everyone gets together and put all of their problems in one bowl then a solution can be made. This meeting showed me how the people can change their community when they come together.

October 20th, 2009-Senator Adams Anti-Violence Forum

Reflection from senators meeting by Pierre Gedeon-Youth Outreach Coordinator WSNGBA

The meeting motivated the people who attended it in ways beyond their understanding. During the meeting we shouted and argued amongst each other in terms of what we should do for our communities kids by trying to focus on who needs help the most. The meeting came to a halt where we came up with big ideas that are not finalized yet in what we should do as a group. This is an ongoing process where we will have a few more meetings to come up with a sufficient plan to execute. I am thinking we should try to get all our block associations within PLG and PLGNA to participate.

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Personal Reflection: Earnest J. (Community Person @ WSNGBA)

What startled me the most was the attendance. I wasn’t expecting such a large turn out. But on the downside, there weren’t enough young men and women present. Although as a community, the older folks present at the meeting voiced their opinions, and concerns, the majority of the topics discussed involved the young men and women of the area. Guns, drugs and gangs were the focal points of discussion and our young people are victimized daily in relation to said topics. Feelings were placed on the forefront, but solutions were absent. Concerns were presented but clarity lacked as to how exactly we could combat the ills of the neighborhood. The forum was a start and I would like to thank Senator Adams for the opportunity to vent. Also, it was a blessing to see as a community, we can join together as strangers in common place, to tackle the evils and degradation of our neighborhood. Once consistency is established through our various organizations, our community will be more effective at communicating. Communication is the fundamental principle of any successful non-violence, higher living, and learning movement.

September 12th, 2009 Feedback

Thank you all who participated in our 1st Semi-annual Block
Beautification Day. It was a long day, but the turnout was great (50+ people) and
we had many spectators. Many onlookers asked for information so
hopefully they can attend the next meetings and expand the great
energy we have as a collective group. I am looking forward to more
days like this in the near future and am very gracious to have
wonderful neighbors like we have on this block.

We were doing such a good job that word spread in the community. For
those of who may not have gotten the chance we got a visit from some
friends City Councilman Mathieu Euguene, 40th Council District and
candidate L. Rickie Tulloch. But, that was not the best part. The
best part was how we all came together and worked side by side to make
our block look and feel better.

Thank you for everyone that donated money and their time that day
whether limited or all day. Everyone's participation was significant
and counted on the larger scale. We opened the eyes of many who were
unaware of who we were or never got the chance to look at our flyers.
We motivated many especially the younger kids who were eager to make a
difference and contribute by any means. Another amazing factor was
neighbors who live in the community, neighboring blocks (about a
handful), stopping by to lend a hand because they love this block more
than the ones they reside on. I am very thankful that we had such a
wonderful day of green harmony.